Manifesto for Chilterns Wildlife


The lifeblood of the Chilterns

The Chilterns, famous for its beech woodlands, is one of the most wooded landscapes in England and over half of this is ancient woodland. Woodlands in the Chilterns were historically the lifeblood of the region supporting the local economy and communities and now form a core habitat of our ecological networks. Our woodlands also have great potential to help us combat the effects of climate change through carbon sequestration, improving water quality, natural flood management and offering a source of sustainable building materials.

However, now many woodlands are neglected, fragmented, and damaged by a plethora of pests and diseases and new trees rarely survive to replace the mature trees.

We are committed to:

  • Preventing the loss of important woodland habitat
  • Increasing the amount of woodland
  • Ensure existing woodland is resilient and managed sustainably
  • Supporting the creation of a woodland strategy for the Chilterns
  • Reducing the impact of pests and diseases affecting our woodlands

We will:

  • Support Chiltern woodland owners by providing advice and practical support
  • Facilitate local volunteers to support woodland management
  • Support tree planting projects that put ‘the right tree in the right place’
  • Ensure woodland on our own reserves is in positive management
  • Promote best practice woodland management
  • Seek to ensure that policies in Local Plans and planning applications protect important woodland habitats

How you can help

A brimstone butterfly about to land on a flower

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