We can make a real difference…

Never has there been a time when the preservation of the heritage of our beautiful Chilterns countryside was more important. The Chiltern Society Heritage Group is a lively group aiming to raise awareness, inform, champion and as required, campaign to protect the history and heritage of the local area.

Come and join one of our current projects (see below for details) or suggest some new ones of your own. All ideas are welcome.

Current projects

The Chiltern Society Heritage Group is ‘project based’, working at any time on a small variety of projects.
Here’s what we’re currently working on…

Using GIS

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are being increasingly used in the private, public, and charitable sectors, to collate, monitor, analyse, and publish environmental information. This project investigates how we can take advantage of this technology in support of the Society’s work, and promotion of the Chilterns landscape.

Chilterns Heritage Festival

The Chilterns contain numerous rich examples of our country’s heritage and the annual Chilterns Heritage Festival aims to raise public awareness of our historic sites and beautiful landscape. The programme includes events for both adults and children, including visits to a range of historical venues in addition to a variety of heritage themed activities and workshops across the Chilterns region.

Preserving local pubs

With British pubs closing at an alarming rate – approximately 18 pubs a week according to CAMRA – we want to play a part in reversing this trend in the Chilterns. We very much hope that Chiltern Society supporters will get behind the ‘Save Our Pubs’ initiative to help secure this important part of our local heritage.

Beacons of the Past

The Chilterns has one of the largest collections of Iron Age Hillforts in the UK, but many are badly preserved and little is known about them. We are a key partner in this Heritage Lottery funded initiative led by the Chilterns Conservation Board. Over the next 4 years we shall work to protect known forts discover new evidence of our ancestors and work with local communities to raise awareness and appreciation.

Get involved…

Membership of the Heritage Group is open to all members of the Society and by invitation to representatives drawn from external organisations with whom the CSHG wishes to work closely. All those interested in suggesting a possible project, supporting the activities of the new Group and steering its direction and priorities, whatever your interest, do get in touch.