Join a cycle group

The Chiltern Society has three cycling groups, each meeting once a week on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Rides tend to start around 10am, with morning only rides finishing at a pub during the winter months but normally extending into the afternoon when the daylight hours are longer.

All riders must be 14 years of age or older and ride at their own risk. Younger riders must be accompanied by an adult. We strongly recommend bringing something to drink, wearing a helmet and ‘high-vis’ clothing and carrying a mobile phone and first aid supplies on all rides.

Due to Covid-19 our rides have been suspended recently but after April 12th we will be resuming some group cycling whilst ensuring compliance with government guidance.  The number of riders will be reduced to a maximum of 6 in a group for the time being with the option of having 2 groups on some rides.

Fancy joining us?

For more details about our cycling groups, when and where to meet and what each ride will entail, please contact any of the following:

Ken Davies on 01923 779140
Graham Trent on 01727 833771
Penny Nokes
on 01494 864681 

Thursday Group

The Thursday group is open to all and is the ideal way to start cycling in the Chilterns regardless of experience. Rides are of a laid back nature, taken at a fairly leisurely pace, and cater for a wide range of riders. They are usually about 20 – 25 miles although short cuts are available for those wanting to ride a bit less. This group aims to avoid main roads, finding quieter lanes with occasional off-road sections during the drier months.

Tuesday Group

The Tuesday group is made up of more experienced cyclists who prefer cross-country and bridleway cycling. A large part of most rides is off road and of a more demanding nature.

Entry is through the Thursday group and then by invitation.

Monday Group

The Monday group is made up of more experienced cyclists who want to take part in slightly longer rides than those offered by the Thursday group.

Entry is through the Thursday group and then by invitation.

Our top tips for safe group cycling…

Take your mobile phone and be sure to store the numbers for the ride leader and the ‘last rider’. Telephone ‘last rider’ if you’re in trouble and you think no-one has noticed.

By riding in groups of four or five with a distance of about 100 yards between each group, motorists are then able to overtake each group and safely pull back in before overtaking the next.

If a motorist approaches from behind a group on a very narrow lane, please use any opportunity to pull in and stop in a passing place or gateway to let them pass.

Give parked vehicles a wide berth! Drivers sometimes don’t look in their mirrors before they open the door and this could mean that you ride into a door.

By adopting courteous behaviour, we hope to give motorists a better opinion of cyclists.

Prefer to go it alone?

Read more about exploring the Chilterns Cycleway here.