About Marlow Common

Marlow Common is an idyllic local nature reserve where you can find typical English oak, silver birch and bracken. The geology of this site is unique and unlike the rest of the Chilterns. Glacial deposits from the last ice age mask the chalky geological base and create acidic soils, generating rare heathland habitat of conservation priority.

The ancient Oak trees at Marlow Common are over 100 years old and are home to the Green Tortrix Moth, which in turn is a vital food source supporting a diversity of bird species including the endangered Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Treecreepers and the Nuthatch.

As well as wildlife there is a lot of evidence of historic industry to be investigated at Marlow Common. Until the 20th century Marlow Common was home to a successful brick and tile industry, using clay exhumed from massive clay pits, these deep excavations can still be seen and inspected at the site today.


Directions: There are three roadside entrances to Marlow Common North labelled one, two and three at the entry points:

  • Entrance One is just after Frieth Road at the start of Marlow Common Road (SL7 2PQ) (Google Maps).
  • Entrance Two is opposite Woolmer Wood Road (Google Maps).
  • Entrance Three is on the right at the start of the bridleway which runs along the west edge of the common (SL7 2QR) (Google Maps). This is the access point nearest to the parking.

Parking: Please note there is no available parking along Marlow Common Road. From Frieth Road, drive along Marlow Common Road for approx. half a a mile and turn left at the first road junction, there are immediately a few parking spots on the left hand roadside. About three hundred metres further along there is a small parking area on the right.

Please make sure you park responsibly! 

Prior to visiting, download our Marlow Common Walks Leaflet for a local walk. There are also hundreds of other Chiltern Walks Leaflets for you to enjoy.

Please visit the Chiltern Society Directory for the Site Co-ordinator’s contact details.

Orienteering at Marlow Common

Orienteering is a fun and active way to explore the Chilterns countryside and we have a permanent course at Marlow Common suitable for beginners. The aim is to navigate in sequence between control points marked on the map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. It does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run, walk or jog the course and progress at your own pace. This self-led trail is a great way to discover the hidden corners of the Common so download the course map here and give it a go!

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Marlow Common North
SL7 2PQ & SL7 2QR

Google Maps

Arriva 850 and 800

Marlow station (2.5 miles away)

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Public parts of the reserve are free to visit and open all year.