The Chiltern Heritage Trail

Welcome to our latest circular route

This 52 mile circular route enables the walker to explore the historic and scenic highlights to be found in the mid-Chilterns. It is split into eight easy to follow sections, enabling you to walk one section and take public transport back to your starting point. Along the way there’s a fascinating guide to the historic sights you will see.

The Trail was originally established as a millennium project by Chiltern District Council, with the help of The Ramblers, and links all the towns and parishes in the area. Unfortunately, over the years, the Trail wasn’t being maintained and could have easily disappeared. However, the Chiltern Society were determined that this shouldn’t happen and The Chiltern Heritage Trail guide book was published.

Chiltern Heritage Trail updates

See the latest information on the Chiltern Heritage Trail, including updates to the guide book and temporary changes to the route – open the above PDF in a new window.

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