Manifesto for Chilterns Wildlife

The Chilterns Landscape

Greater than the sum of its parts

The Chilterns landscape is a rich mosaic of habitats including woodland, open meadows and commons, streams and mixed farmland which each supporting its own unique wildlife and natural character. The landscape comes alive when it is connected by a network of fields, hedgerows, parklands, gardens and roadside verges.

However, year on year these connections across the landscape are being eroded and fragmented by a swathe of pressures including increased demand for housing, a move towards larger scale farming practices, increasing transport infrastructure and changes in land use. To restore life back into the Chilterns we need to restore these connections across the landscape.

We are committed to:

  • The development of landscape-scale conservation initiatives
  • Reducing the impact of invasive non-native pests and diseases
  • Restoring and protecting our most valued habitats
  • Protected wildlife species characteristic of the Chilterns

We will:

  • Facilitate and coordinate local wildlife groups and projects
  • Seek to develop and support projects that maintain and enhance wildlife corridors across the landscape
  • Campaign for wildlife friendly planning that ensures development leaves biodiversity better off
  • Lobby Government on large infrastructure and planning projects to ensure that wildlife protection and enhancement measures are incorporated
  • Ensure that wildlife policies are incorporated into all Local Plans
  • Work with planning authorities and developers to seek to incorporate wildlife enhancement measures into planning applications

How you can help

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