Manifesto for Chilterns Wildlife

Farming & Wildlife

Guardians of the countryside

Over thousands of years mixed arable and livestock farming has shaped the landscape to create an intricate network of species-rich wildlife habitats. However, as pressure on farmers has increased and traditional farming practices have decreased the landscape has changed dramatically and has reduced the ability of farmland wildlife, such as lapwing, skylark, and yellowhammer to survive.

Farming currently accounts for 60% of the Chilterns landscape and has the potential to play a central role in sustaining the large-scale conservation of the Chilterns for the benefit of wildlife.

We are committed to:

  • Promoting and supporting landowner and farmer led wildlife conservation initiatives
  • Championing the importance of environmentally sensitive farming practices
  • Supporting an ambitious and effective
  • Environmental Land Management Scheme that pays for farming with nature
  • Promoting responsible access to the countryside for the enjoyment of all

We will:

  • Support farmers and landowners working together in partnerships across the Chilterns
  • Support projects that help farmers and landowners that restore and enhance key farmland habitats and species
  • Champion local food and sustainable farming

How you can help

A brimstone butterfly about to land on a flower

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