Our army is defending the landscape

Increased demand for new housing and commercial property means that development is arguably one of the biggest threats to the Chilterns rural landscape. The growing pressure on our local countryside to cater to these demands is ongoing and requires a tough response.

The Chilterns is made up of a delightful collection of towns and villages, and it’s vital that their unique characters are not jeopardised by ill thought proposals for new housing or extensions to the transport network.

One of the primary aims of our Planning Group is to firmly resist the worst excesses of the development industry wherever it can; while at the same time taking the opportunity to promote high standards of planning and architecture when schemes of merit are submitted for consideration to the local authorities throughout the Chilterns area.

The Planning Group also hopes to stimulate public interest in the beauty, history and character of the Chiltern Hills.

What we do

  • Monitor and respond to planning applications throughout the Chilterns but especially those affecting the designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), Green Belt and open countryside
  • Act as respected consultants to Local Authorities regarding emerging planning documents that might affect the future development of the Chilterns area
  • Examine and respond to draft Government guidance documents and other consultations
  • Represent the Chiltern Society at public inquiries, hearings and examinations relating to local planning and development.
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If you care about the Chilterns and would like to offer our planning team any assistance, we’d love to hear from you!

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Concerned about an application?

Each Parish in the Chilterns is represented by one of our planning field officers who you can contact if you have a concern about a planning application near you.


Buildings Design Awards

The building categories for the Chilterns Buildings Design Awards 2021 were:
Best ‘Green’ Building
Best ‘Modern’ Building
Best ‘Traditional’ Building

Submissions closed for 2021


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