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Donating a gate can be a nice way to mark a special event such as an anniversary or an important birthday, or to remember a special person. At the same time, you’ll be helping to improve access and safety for the thousands of walkers that enjoy the Chilterns every year.

Donated gates can be fitted with a plaque which, for example, could include the name of the donor, a special date or a short memorial inscription.

Installation is carried out by our path maintenance volunteers and is intended to improve access for all users particularly those who find stiles difficult to cope with. Some of the gates we install are specifically designed for use with mobility vehicles.


To donate a gate in Buckinghamshire…

To donate a gate in Bucks…

Please email  Norman Bartlett or call him on 01296 483349.

To download an application form, please click on the following link
Donate-a-Gate Form

To donate a gate in Oxfordshire…

Please email Steve Feigen or call him on 07770 914859.

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Over 400 gates have been donated by our generous supporters?