Manifesto for Chilterns Wildlife

Grasslands & commons

A diversity of life

The Chilterns’ species rich grasslands are an important component of the rich habitat mosaic across the landscape. Chalk Grassland supports many species characteristic of the Chilterns such as wild candytuft, pasque flower, Chiltern gentian, silver spotted skipper and glow-worms. Many other species are also reliant on other grassland habitats often found on the numerous commons across the Chilterns.

Centuries of grazing has helped shape these habitats but due to a decline in traditional management practices, only fragments of grassland remain which struggle to support the diversity of species that rely on them for their survival.

We are committed to:

  • Strengthening the network of open grassland sites across the Chilterns
  • Ensuring key grassland sites are in positive and sustainable management
  • Ensuring the Chilterns is an exemplar of chalk grassland management
  • Protecting sensitive grassland sites
  • Stopping the decline in key grassland species

We will:

  • Manage our grassland reserves to a high standard
  • Support the management of key grassland sites across the Chilterns
  • Work with farmers and landowners to support viable grazing projects
  • Support the creation of a visitor strategy
  • Support and facilitate local groups working to restore, enhance and protect local grassland sites
  • Promote best practice grassland management

How you can help

A brimstone butterfly about to land on a flower

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