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A Chilterns fit for future generations

Covering over 650 miles of iconic rolling hills, sparkling chalk streams and historic pathways and market towns, for 60 years the Chiltern Society has given a voice to all those dedicated to conserving, promoting and campaigning for the Chilterns. With our volunteers, members and partners, we are tackling some of the most serious threats to the countryside – from climate change, to overbearing development and disappearing green spaces and wildlife – to care for this unique landscape.

As a charity, we relay on people like you to support our work caring for the countryside. As a member you will be…

  • helping to protect and restore pathways for walkers, horse riders and cyclists that crisscross the Chilterns.
  • protecting and enhancing the woodlands, nature reserves and wild places cared for by our Conservation Volunteers.
  • uncovering over 100 Chiltern Society walks and events to explore the best of the area.
  • fighting the worst excesses of building, development and infrastructure projects.

Join us from as little as £3 per month or £35 a year.

As a member you’ll receive…

  • A free footpath map 
  • Chiltern – our quarterly magazine packed with fascinating articles and great features, delivered direct to your door
  • Chiltern Society conferences and events. You’ll be invited to a range of events and conferences along with our annual AGM

If you choose to add a small donation when you join, your membership support will go even further. The Chilterns is a special place, and together we can keep it that way.

To join, please fill out the Membership Application to be found further down on this page.

How your membership makes a difference

A nuthatch on a moss and lichen covered branch

There are 2,200 miles of footpaths that our Volunteers help maintain and protect, so that people can easily connect with nature.

An aerial photo of a large village with fields and trees to the horizon

Our scrutiny of national and local planning policy champions sustainable development and protects biodiversity.

A man walking with 4 border collies on a hill with far reaching views to the horizon
Our walks, talks and events bring people together with the Chilterns’ character and landscape.
A deep, sunlit valley in the Chilterns
We’re on the ground managing woodland, clearing streams, and creating homes for wildlife.
A hare with ears erect, partially hidden by long grass
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How do we make a difference to the Chilterns?

We organise walks, talks and events to show hundreds of people the Chilterns’ rich character and landscape