The construction of the HS2 high speed railway line will have a major impact on the Central Chilterns and the Colne Valley Park. Some of these locations will never be the same again and we will keep a record of the changes as construction progresses.

Chiltern Society member Keith Hoffmeister has been taking photographs at a number of locations since plans were first announced in 2010. These cover the phase before construction as well as early Enabling Works.

He has been joined by fellow members Jim Conboy, Bob Smith and Neil Lynch and they will cover the construction phase and eventually show the finished project when trains will start to run anytime between 2028 and 2031.

The Society plan to host a series of online update presentations as construction continues. You can view the first one via this link.

Impact Locations

The locations are in geographical order northwards from the Colne Valley Regional Park to Wendover. Where given, directions are in relation to the route. North is towards Birmingham and south towards London.

Note: PRoW refers to Public Rights of Way ie public footpaths and bridleways.

These images may be reproduced without charge, but please credit the Chiltern Society. To obtain high resolution versions please contact the society at office@chilternsociety.org.uk.