Chiltern Society opposes new road in South Oxfordshire

The Chiltern Society has submitted a strong objection to the inclusion of a Third Thames Crossing and a North Reading Orbital Route within the Reading Transport Strategy 2036. The new Orbital Route would be located within the Chiltern Society area and would be likely to pass through the Chilterns AONB as it would link the A4074 to a new river crossing to the east of Reading. The exact route has not yet been identified

In our view, these proposals are not sufficiently justified through environmental assessments and do not have the support of South Oxfordshire District Council or Oxfordshire County Council. The development of the new road and the increase in traffic to the north of Reading would have a significant detrimental impact on the Chilterns AONB and many of the area’s villages and towns. It is also unclear how the proposals would incorporate measures to ensure that there was a net gain in biodiversity and a reduction in carbon emissions following implementation.

It is essential that a full Environmental Impact Assessment, including a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, is undertaken before the proposals are included in the emerging Transport Strategy.

The Society’s full response can be read here