Partnership Fighting Massive Green Belt Development at Marshcroft, East of Tring

Join the campaign – this affects all of us!

We’ve joined Grove Fields Residents Association and CPRE Hertfordshire – the Countryside Charity, to fight Redrow plc’s proposal for a massive new housing development on land in the countryside east of Tring.  A Public Inquiry will be held in March 2023 and this is our last chance to fight this hugely damaging proposal.

Last autumn, Dacorum Borough Council refused permission for Redrow’s planning application for 1,400 dwellings on 300 acres of protected land in the Green Belt, adjacent to the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Now Redrow has appealed to the Planning Inspectorate who will hear the case at Public Inquiry and make a recommendation for determination to the Secretary of State.

Redrow’s proposed development would nearly double the size of Tring in terms of the settlement footprint.  It would increase the population by 30%, adding 3,400 more people and 2,000 more cars, adding immense pressure on the infrastructure of Tring and whole surrounding area.Why we oppose the development proposal

  • Harm to the Green Belt.  If the development goes ahead, it will cause huge harm to the Green Belt.  The Green Belt is statutory designated protected land, to be kept permanently open.  Currently this is peaceful countryside alongside the edge of Tring, much enjoyed by local people.
  • Harm to the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  The development will also cause significant harm to the AONB, which surrounds the proposed development site on three sides.  The landscapes of the AONB are of national importance and enjoy an even higher level of statutory protection from inappropriate development.
  • Loss of Best and Most Versatile Agricultural Land.  The development will concrete over much of the 300 acres’ site, which is currently productive farmland used for growing crops.  Much of the site is “Best and Most Versatile” agricultural land, which like the Green Belt and the AONB, is protected in national planning policy from unwarranted development.
  • Destruction of wildlife habitats.  The development would destroy the Chilterns countryside and wildlife habitats along Marshcroft Lane and along the public rights of way along the Grand Union Canal.  There would also be damaging additional pressure on the nearby Chilterns Beechwoods Special Area of Conservation, the Site of Special Scientific Interest at Tring Reservoirs, and College Lake Nature Reserve.
  • Damaging landscape impacts.  The scenic landscape views from The Ridgeway at Pitstone Hill and Aldbury Nowers, and to the south near Wigginton, would all be severely harmed.
  • Massive pressure on infrastructure.  Tring and the nearby villages and hamlets are historic rural communities, and the addition of 3,400 more people and 2,000 more cars will place unacceptable pressure on all manner of infrastructure.  Station Road and Bulbourne Road adjacent to the development site will see particularly large volumes of additional traffic, as will Tring town centre.

This affects all of us – we’re fighting on behalf of all of us

Because of the massive scale of Redrow’s development proposal, it will affect all of us.  Everyone in Tring and the surrounding area including Aldbury, Wigginton, Wilstone, and Berkhamsted will be directly affected by this huge development.

The Public Inquiry starting in March 2023 is a legalistic process including submission of evidence, and testimony and cross-examination of expert witnesses.  With  the Grove Fields Residents Association, and CPRE Hertfordshire – we will together do much of the work in-house.  But of course the partnership  also needs specialist legal and technical expertise.

Can you get involved?

CPRE Hertfordshire believe it will cost them £30,000 for legal and expert witness representation at the upcoming Public Inquiry.  Redrow plc has deep pockets and will field a large team of barristers and witnesses.  But there is plenty of legal precedent for protecting the Green Belt and the AONB, and the small  team has considerable expertise – with your help we can win this fight.

If you’re able to add your support to the campaign and contribute to CPRE Hertfordshire’s fund for legal representation, please click the donate button to go to the CPRE Hertfordshire fundraising page.Alternatively donate through CPRE Hertfordshire using a Gift Aid Form here. 

All donations will be held by them in a restricted fund for this campaign.

CPRE Hertfordshire is a Registered Charity and a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Reg. No. 1162419

The Chiltern Society is a Registered Charity No. 1085163 and a Company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales 4138448

Grove Fields Residents Association is an unregistered community group of concerned local citizens coming together to fight this destructive development proposal