HS2 ignores concerns raised over Chiltern Tunnel Safety

The Chiltern Society has engaged with HS2 Limited over a considerable period of time with regard to Operational Safety Design of the 16km Chiltern Tunnel. There have been a number of questions raised which HS2 Limited has failed to answer. We believe that these concerns need to be shared with our members and the Public, as we believe that the current design will not deliver the operational safety requirements and will require a significant reduction in the capacity of HS2, thus not delivering the desired capacity increase and significantly weakening the already poor Business Case. Please find attached the latest correspondence with HS2.

Letter to: Andrew Stephenson MP 27th May 2020

Letter to: Chris Rayner 27th May 2020

Letter from: Paul Maynard 10th Feb 2020

Letter by email from: Chris Rayner 14th May 2020