Smalldean Bridleway Diversion

Chiltern Society raises concerns that change to diversion will put cyclists at risk.

When HS2 Act was passed it included a diversion of the Smalldean Bridleway. This has been operating successfully for a number of years and is a busy route for walkers, riders and cyclists. It is part of the Chiltern Cycleway and avoided the Smalldean Viaduct works, which have rendered this section of the A413 particularly unsafe.

Recently HS2/EKFB gave 2 weeks’ notice of their intention to close this diversion for 16 months. The proposed alternative was 3.6km longer with poor surfaces and some steep slopes, making it unsuitable for cyclists. Wendover groups contacted HS2/EKFB to propose some alternatives. These were discussed and all rejected, and the current diversion was closed on 22 May. 

The Chiltern Society has written to the Construction Commissioner asking him to intervene and have EKFB reopen the previous diversion until a suitable alternative route can be found as required by Assurance 979 in the HS2 Act. Meanwhile, the A413 is the only available cycle route within the Misbourne valley.

Below is a map showing the Chiltern Cycleway diversion (highlighted).