An important part of our
heritage is at risk…

Earlier this year the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) announced that pubs in this country are closing at a rate of approximately 21 per week. Pubs in the Chilterns are not isolated from this threat and one cannot help but notice that many former pubs have either been boarded up or converted to residential properties. Sadly, the problem is only getting worse. This is a rather depressing prospect for local communities, walkers and other leisure participants who rely on pubs for rest and refreshment. Our Heritage Group has stepped in and has developed an initiative with the aim of the helping to save pubs within the Chilterns which are either already closed and may soon be lost, or protect those pubs which, although still operating, have viability issues. For hundreds of years pubs have been at the heart of rural communities, offering a focal point for social interaction, as well as supporting tourism and leisure activities. Loss of these facilities will inevitably affect the quality of life for many and create a gap in the local economy. We very much hope that Chiltern Society members will support the ‘Save Our Pubs’ initiative and help secure this important part of our heritage.


The Plan

A team of Heritage Group volunteers has created a strategic plan to help tackle the problem over the next five years…

Within a 12 month time-frame the group will build networks with key stake holders who are campaigning to protect pubs across the country including the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).


Over the next two years the group will look to create guidelines for protecting pubs that are open, but under threat of development and also saving pubs that have already closed and for which change of use has been submitted.

Opportunistic Campaigning

The group will give support to local campaign groups for selected pubs across the Chilterns on a case by case basis. Get in touch with us if you’d like us to provide some support for a pub in your area.

Planning Applications

The group is also keen to develop knowledge of how local planning authorities respond to applications affecting pubs. This knowledge will be used to support campaigns to save pubs in the future.

How can you help?

Over the next few months the Save Our Pubs Group will be initiating a number of projects to support the aims of the strategic plan. If you would like to help or have a local pub that you wish the group to support then please contact Jeffrey Newman on 01494 771250 or by email.