Woolly lawnmowers on the move

The flock of Herdwick sheep that had been grazing our Brush Hill site have now returned to Prestwood Local Nature Reserve to help us manage the important chalk grassland there. By grazing the more aggressive grass and plant species, they make room for a more diverse range of wildflowers that will, in turn, support a wide range of insects and bird life.

Herdwicks are particularly suited to this type of work – a hardy breed, brought up on the rough grazing and steep slopes of the UK’s upland areas, they are used to being outside in all weathers.

If you visit the site, please help us keep them safe and healthy by:

  • Keeping your dog on a lead and under close control
  • Giving the sheep plenty of space
  • Sticking to the footpaths

If you notice that the sheep are in difficulty, or if you have any concerns please call us on 01494 771250.