Trout in the Classroom Project – Final Stage

We have come to the final stage of this years Trout in The Classroom programme. The classes involved have been taking trips to local stretches of the river to release the Trout fry into the wild. They have all looked after their fish very well, despite some set backs and even a two day power cut! The schools have really embraced their learning about chalk streams. We have seen children create their own books on trout, giant life cycle displays and even weaving using the river as an inspiration!

Congratulations to all the classes involved.  

The Trout in the Classroom project has been running since 2009 by The Chiltern Chalk Streams Project, in partnership with The River Chess association, Chilterns Conservation Board and the Chiltern Society. This year 11 schools are involved in the project (9 schools on the Chess and 3 in the Wye Valley).

The project aims to teach pupils about Brown Trout and the special Chalk stream habitat that they live in. In previous years the schools have received Trout eggs which hatch and grow into Alevins and then Fry. This year due to weather conditions the eggs hatched early so the schools are receiving the fish at a slightly later stage. The children will monitor the specially set up tanks which recreates the condition of a chalk stream and feed the fish until they are big enough to be released into the river (about 12 weeks). The classes involved will then have an exciting trip to their local stretch of river to set the fish free

The programme fits into national curriculum links about life cycles, habitats and living things. It also aims to inspire the children to look after their local areas and the special countryside they are fortunate to live in.