Introducing the Kingwood Common Partnership

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with The Nettlebed and District Commons Conservators to care for Kingwood Common as a unique part of the Chilterns.

Kingwood Common is an important site for biodiversity and heritage and is a wonderful natural asset for the local community. The site will be protected under a Conservation Management Plan that will be implemented by the Chiltern Society in conjunction with the existing Kingwood Volunteers and Sonning Common Green Gym.

The site comprises of 60 hectares of mostly young birch and oak trees, together with patches of ling and bell heather- both of which are unusual in the Chilterns.  These, together with unique fungi, flora and fauna need to be protected from invasive species.  Commons have a long heritage, and there are remains at Kingwood from when it was used during the Second World War by US Forces. The continual battle against brush, brambles and overgrown grassland requires a well organised plan and dedicated volunteers.  This is exactly what we  specialise in – already managing 12 of our own sites and partnering with the other organisations on many other sites throughout the region.

Our volunteers already maintain footpaths around the Nettlebed area, so our new involvement at Kingwood Common is a natural fit and an opportunity that we’re very excited about.

It is planned that volunteer work groups at Kingwood will run twice a month, with the first event planned for 1st November, meeting at Cherry Croft.  Further details will be published shortly on our Volunteer Schedule page.

We would welcome your involvement and are encouraging new volunteers to get involved. Volunteering is great for your wellbeing. It’s a chance to get active, learn more about the environment, enjoy the nature that we have on our doorstep and have fun with like-minded people. If you are interested please contact Peter Duxbury, Chiltern Society Volunteer Coordinator:
07756 070382