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Help us monitor and protect Chiltern’s wildlife

This time of year our sites across the Chilterns put on a dazzling display of autumn colour, and wildlife is busying in the thinning foliage looking for food ahead of the coldest months – but how do we know what’s really happening in the hedgerows, trees and meadows? 

It is important to record what wildlife is creeping, crawling and flapping around our reserves. This information helps us to spot any changes or decline in species and act before it’s too late. 

Nature is under pressure. Pressure from food, infrastructure and housing; our activities and their consequences, like climate change, are changing wildlife forever. Our charity is responsible for managing and enhancing these vital remaining habitats – even creating new ones –  to help wildlife recover and survive. 

£1830 will help us purchase a wildlife kit

A wildlife kit will monitor, measure and protect wildlife in the Chilterns. We need:

  • A battery powered moth trap – Studies show that moth numbers are down by 40% in southern England – this is bad news for many other species that eat them. Monitoring their numbers and ranges can give us vital clues to changes in our own environment.
  • Five bat detectors – Some bats are ‘indicator species’, and changes to their populations can indicate changes in biodiversity. Monitoring populations on our sites will tell us a lot about the state of the environment, which will not only help our management of the sites but also need into national figures and monitoring. 
  • Two wildlife camera traps – Camera traps are particularly useful for monitoring more elusive species that are either nocturnal or very hard to spot, such as Kingfishers, water vole, deer, otter or invasive species such as mink. 

A new wildlife monitoring kit would also allow us to hold special wildlife tours at our reserves, giving the people the chance to join our experts as they hunt for iconic British wildlife. 

Any money raised above this amount will be used to conserve, campaign and promote the Chilterns where our Trustees consider the need is greatest.  

Please help however you can.
A donation form, and other ways to help, are below.

Other ways to donate

Donate by post

Cheques should be made payable to The Chiltern Society.

And sent to: White Hill Centre, White Hill, Chesham, Bucks. HP5 1AG


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Text KIT to 70450 to donate £5. 

Texts will cost the donation amount plus one standard network rate message.


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