Why do we need Vitamin N?

Nature is where children make some of their best memories

Great childhood memories often relate to fun moments in nature, enjoyed with loved ones. In a digital-heavy age, we’re on a mission to reduce screen time and bring back ‘old-fashioned’ childhood activities like climbing trees, making daisy chains, building dens and going on outdoor adventures. We want to create outdoor fun and laughter that children will remember, even when they’re grown up!

Nature makes us happy and gives our health a boost

Evidence shows that where children have plenty of access to nature, their levels of physical and mental wellbeing are likely to be better. Nature encourages physical fitness in children through activities like running, digging and climbing. It’s also been found that being around trees and immersed in nature can improve your levels of happiness!

It encourages respect for the planet

We want Chilterns Children to love where they live! If they fall in love with their local countryside, this is the first step towards caring for the environment on a larger scale. No one will protect what they don’t care about. And no one will care about what they haven’t experienced. So let’s get them loving local nature first!

Nature makes us nicer

Research shows that being close to nature is likely to make us more caring, community-oriented, and generous. Nature has a way of helping us to place high value on relationships and connectedness and being outdoors can also enhance peer-to-peer relationships between children.

It improves learning

Even just a short walk outside can help to improve concentration, creativity and self-confidence in children. When they’re outside and exploring the environment around them firsthand, they’ll also be learning about the natural world in the most engaging way possible by experiencing it for themselves!


Give the kids enough Vitamin N to last
a whole year with a Junior Ranger Membership!

Vitamin N Events

We’ve organised a series of exciting events across the Chilterns designed to get children and their families outdoors and enjoying the nature around them. Anyone can book tickets, but Junior Rangers can attend their first two Vitamin N events for free as part of their membership!