Central Path Maintenance Volunteers (PMVs) Quarter Master

The Central PMV group is looking for a new Quartermaster.
This is a key role in the Group and compromises:

  1. Loading the Group’s trailer with the tools required for a morning’s work parties.
  2. Towing the trailer to the designated pub’ which is to be the meeting point for the work parties.
  3. Towing the trailer back to the tool storage unit after the work party.
  4. Unloading some of the tools and checking for serviceability etc. and where a problem, taking items to be serviced.’
  5. Although the Quartermaster takes the lead on this, the work part leaders and others will assist in all operations, including towing.

    A tow-bar will be supplied if necessary. Work parties are weekly on a different day each week with a week’s break after every 5 weeks.

    The storage unit is based at Winchmore Hill near Amersham.