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We’re on a mission to get everyone to do their bit to improve our local environment.

To become carbon neutral, there are 4 areas of our daily life which need our attention:

  • Personal transport
  • Heating, powering and maintaining your home
  • Stuff and things you buy
  • What you eat

Even a small change can make a big difference if enough of us do it.

Ready to make a commitment? Please pledge!

Pick one or more challenges below and let us know so we can add you to our list of champions and work with you to make the Chilterns Cleaner and Greener!

I pledge to…

Up to 171 litres of water are used by residents in the Chilterns every day. That’s more than anywhere else in Europe and our chalk streams are running dry as a result.

Turning the tap off whilst brushing your teeth, taking a 5 minute shower instead of a bath, only using full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher and watering plants with your used washing up water are all easy things you can do to cut back on your water usage.

Construction, industry, and farming use much water, and need to do their bit too.

Our local water suppliers Thames Water and Affinity Water give some simple tips to help you save water.
One of your biggest impacts is your energy use: buying renewably sourced electricity, or improving the efficiency of your home and businesses can save carbon, as well as money. How Green is your energy tariff?

What we eat matters: buy local and cut food miles, buy fairly traded food that’s been grown with nature in mind. Eat more plants and eat less but better animal products.

Stuff has an impact too: We’re fans of a circular economy! Buying items you can have repaired or upgraded, reduces the impact and helps the economy – or simply buying second-hand.

Buying local helps our economy, our community, and the environment.
Reduce: minimise the amount of waste we create.
Reuse: use items more than once.
Recycle: put things to a new use instead of throwing away.

Reduce: food waste. Buy un-packaged food. Drink tap water not bottled drinks. Don’t print. Buy in bulk.
Reuse: use reusable cups. Buy clothes from a charity shop.
Recycle: as a last resort. Learn more about what can be recycled - you may be surprised.
Fly and drive less and use public transport when you can.
Walk and cycle more.
Slow down and increase your MPG. Go electric if you can.
Shop locally.
Avoid air freighted food/goods!
Garden for wildlife or plant a tree. The RHS website gives some great advice on which trees to plant in your garden and how to get your garden buzzing.

Or just enjoy some of the 2000+ miles of local footpaths and rights of way using one of our free maps.

Make sure you and your friends follow the countryside code when out and about.

Why not take direct action and volunteer, to help keep the Chilterns green or support us to do more by joining, donating, or even sponsoring a tree.