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We’re on a mission to get people of all ages actively doing their bit to improve their local environment.

By encouraging the public to make better connections between their habits and the impact that these actions have on the environment, we hope to help foster positive change and support people in making easy and innovative changes to limit their environmental impact.

One small change can make a huge difference if enough of us subscribe…

Pledge below to do your bit and tell us how you’re going to create a Cleaner, Greener Chilterns.

Pick one or as many changes as you like… but try to keep it manageable and realistic so you’re more likely to keep it up!

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On average, 171 litres of water are used by residents in the Chilterns everyday- this is more than anywhere else in Europe and our chalk streams are running dry as result. Turning the tap off whilst brushing your teeth, taking a 5 minute shower instead of a bath, only using full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher and watering your plants with your used washing up water are all easy things you can do to cut back on your water consumption.
Meat production is a major contributor to climate change. By cutting back on your meat consumption for just one day a week and buying better quality, locally farmed meat when you do purchase meat, you’ll be helping to make a big difference. The Meat Free Monday website has heaps of delicious meat free recipes for you to try.
Approximately 900 tonnes of non recyclable waste from around the Chilterns gets collected everyday. That’s the equivalent of 150 elephants. Did you know that you can’t recycle takeaway coffee cups from major high street brands? Greasy pizza boxes and dirty plastics can’t be recycled either. Shiny or glittery wrapping paper is also off limits, as are tissues and kitchen roll. Buy making small changes to your shopping and consumer habits, you can easily cut back on your household’s non recyclable waste. If enough of us do this, we’ll be sending a message to industry influencers!
Is there one journey every week that you could walk instead of drive? Or possibly use public transport? By making changes like this, you’ll be cutting back on your carbon emissions. If we all did this, even for just one journey a week, the impact would be huge! And our bodies would thank us for the extra exercise.
Trees and hedgerows provide and purify our air, clean and encourage water storage, give our wildlife homes, lock up carbon and make our landscapes green and beautiful. By absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, trees help to combat climate change so we need to be planting more of them. The RHS website gives some great advice on which trees to plant in your garden. Read more here.