HS2 seek an injunction against ‘Persons Unknown’ entering their land

HS2 have been seeking to remove protestors from a camp at Cash’s Pit in Staffordshire. As part of the action, they are seeking an injunction both against named people and Persons Unknown. While this seems reasonable, they have extended the requested injunction to cover all the land acquired in building HS1, including that in the Chilterns. This does not include people using Public Rights of Way which have been kept open or who have permission to access the land. However, any other person on HS2 land is potentially affected by the injunction.

We are concerned as to how ‘Persons Unknown’ are informed of this injunction. Also, where a path has been diverted but is poorly marked does this put people at risk of the injunction being used against them.

A significant number of people are objecting to this injunction, including the Chiltern Society. A hearing is to be held in Birmingham on 26th May 2022.

The Draft Order can be seen here.